Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection: Use, Side Effects, Risks, and More

Airborn allergic contact dermatitis from tea tree oil. If you have sensitive skin, do not use tea tree oil. If the burning sensation worsens, people should discontinue use. Use plain, whole-milk yogurt with live cultures. Although not a vaginitis trial, an open trial of melaleuca for refractory oral candidiasis in AIDS patients did show some effect. These products however, are not designed to treat oral thrush or other oral yeast infections, especially considering the low concentration of tea tree oil used. Lucky for us, it is easy to procure and has no side effects, unlike antibiotics.

All healthy vaginas contain a small amount of a certain type of fungus called Candida albicans (also known as yeast).

Like your gut microbiome, there’s a link between your vaginal microbiome and what you eat. Irritation can be caused by using a dull razor to shave down there. Creation of healthy vaginal environment (pH): It isn’t clear whether the diet actually gets rid of candida or helps people feel better because it is a healthful diet. What are yeast infections? The treatments available over the counter are comparable in terms of efficacy to what you can get with a prescription. Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) dermatitis. Limit the amount of sugar and processed foods you consume.

For treatment of vaginal yeast add 4 to 6 drops of tea tree oil to bath water. Thin the toenail if you have thick toenails. The overgrowth of Candida Albicans (the yeast responsible) can go hand in hand with oral contraceptives, antibiotic use, and be problematic for diabetics, pregnant and menopausal women.

Don’t do it pre-smear test to give your gynaecologist a scented surprise. As you can see from this exhaustive list of essential oil uses and applications, you have options to treat candida naturally. The simplest method is to mix the essential oil and vegetable oil on a saucer. The internet might tell you that introducing things like tea tree oil suppositories, coconut oil or garlic into the vagina can help clear up an overgrowth of yeast. Vaginal area suppositories containing tea tree oil have already been proven to take care of vaginal fungal infections.

  • Tea tree oil is an extract from a plant native to Australia and has been used traditionally as a topical antiseptic and antifungal treatment.
  • To fight yeast infections, some women suggest applying diluted tea tree oil to the vagina using an applicator-type tampon.

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1 mL at 1%, in 0. However the infection itself often has nothing to do with your sexual health or vaginal hygiene, so it might not be something you did wrong. Condoms can also affect the balance of the vagina, so it is also worth noting when you get an infection and what caused it. When should you see a doctor?

You can also dilute tea tree oil with vegetable, olive, or almond oil. The potential effectiveness of essential oils as a treatment for headlice, Pediculus humanus capitis. How to treat vaginal yeast infection, symptoms, causes & medicine. Most of today’s commercial tea tree products are made from the widely studied Melaleuca alternifolia -- a tea tree containing lots of terpinen-4-ol, a terpene with particularly potent antimicrobial activity.

And whether they do or not, can they be dangerous? 05 (two tailed). None of these agents should be used in pregnant or breast-feeding women, women who are planning to get pregnant in the near future, very young women and adolescents. It would be wise to consult a medical doctor before you use tea tree oil on your vagina. It may produce a milky-looking discharge that smells “fishy” as well as burning during urination. So it makes sense, then, that you’d want to do everything you can to get rid of one ASAP. Wait for 24 hours and test your body’s response. And definitely skip a more, ahem, direct application.

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Carson CF, Riley TV, Cookson BD. If you decide that you want to combat your yeast infection with tea tree oil, talk to your doctor first, and then use the essential oil properly. Others may have pain, itching, and swelling. The good news is that the treatments available have a very low risk to them. This experts guide summarizes our experience working with tea tree oil for yeast infection and candida issues.

Take the equivalent of one clove per day (or one tablet that equals 4,000 – 5,000 mcg of allicin). When this balance is altered beyond an acceptable range for the body, vaginitis ensues. In case you didn’t get the memo, douching does more harm than good. Immunol 2020;19(1): Just add 2 tea spoons of fresh aloe gel to any fruit juice and blend it together. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Alternatively, it can be applied to a tampon before insertion.

The Symptoms To Look Out For

Use the recipe below to create homemade tea tree oil cream for yeast infection, that can be easily tailored based on your individual needs and preferences. However, you may want to exercise caution before using it on your lady-parts. Oregano is a plant and the leaf is used to make medicine. You’re probably going to get better and more consistent results with an OTC medication. You could also apply it directly on the surface, although you should be advised against inserting it directly into the vagina as there is no concrete proof that it works. Anecdotal reports suggest that many women experience relief from such home treatments. By far, the go-to antifungal oil is tea tree. For example, there's advice floating around advising people to simply put tea tree oil on a tampon and insert it directly into the vagina during an active yeast infection, but that's not a good idea.

The inoculum was dispensed into the vaginal cavity through a syringe equipped with a multipurpose calibrated tip (Combitip; PBI, Milan, Italy). A good vitamin and supplement practice won’t hurt and may help boost immunity to fight chronic infections. If you prefer trying natural ingredients first, here are some remedies you can try. Do not apply this essential oil near your vagina. Factors that can contribute to vaginal infections include antibiotics (which kill friendly bacteria, allowing yeast to grow), corticosteroids and HIV (which suppress the immune system), oral contraceptives and pregnancy (which alter the vaginal environment by changing hormone levels), and diabetes (increased sugar levels provide a friendly environment for yeast).

A comparative study of tea-tree oil versus benzoylperoxide in the treatment of acne. Add drops of oil to the water, shake to disperse the oil into the tea. Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil and clotrimazole. When I prescribe it, I usually have a compounding pharmacy mix it into 600-milligram capsules that patients use vaginally. Aliquots of 50 μL of two-fold dilutions of drug solutions were dispensed in 96-well microtitre plates. Aromatherapists sometimes recommend inhaling the oil’s fragrance as a cough and cold treatment, but there’s no strong evidence supporting this use. A typical treatment for toenail fungus usually take at least several months, sometimes over a year. Another thing is that alternative remedies sound great.

Are There Safety Concerns?

Essential oils high in oxides can be uncomfortable when applied to irritated or abraded vaginal tissue. If you have never used tea tree oil topically before, apply the tea tree oil and coconut oil mix first on a healthy area of the skin that is not affected by the yeast infection. The scary side of yeast infections you didn't know about, yeast infections can be easily treated with ointments or other anti-yeast (antifungal) creams. A douche may also be used such as:

I highly recommend using something like this if you can get your hands on one! Fill your tub with warm water. In most cases, Candida hangs around without really causing any problems, but sometimes it can get out of control. Always wipe from front to back after using the toilet to avoid the spread of bacteria from the anus. There's this fungus (or yeast, which is a type of fungus) called Candida that lives on the skin and in certain areas inside your body — like your mouth, throat, gut and vagina. For those with sensitive skin, this may not be a good choice. Medical professionals strongly caution against putting tea tree oil on or in your vagina — it's likely to make things worse. Coconut oil 9.

Do Home Remedies Actually Work for Yeast Infections?

The cleansing may actually help promote yeast infections by removing healthy bacteria from the vagina. Melaleuca oil poisoning. Indeed, studies are being conducted in order to determine and isolate the active agents in Lactobacillus and other natural therapies that help hold other organisms in check. Can apple cider vinegar treat yeast infections? here's why you need to try it. FYI, coconut oil is an antifungal ingredient, meaning it can help to treat yeast infections at home. Warmed coconut oil can also be used as a carrier oil for more powerful antifungal essential oils, including tea tree oil or oil of oregano. Reference strains were also used for comparative purposes, as listed in Table 2. It contains the natural ingredient Tea Tree oil which can remedy the itching, burning, dryness and irritation that many women experience during and after sex. People whose yeast levels get out of hand may not have all of those; they may actually be showing symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, an infection resulting from the overgrowth of vaginal bacteria that may also cause burning, itching and pain.

Bhushan M, Beck MH. These methods won't cure it. Today, the essential oil of tea tree is widely used as an antibacterial and antifungal topical medication, and is also used in several brands of toothpaste. But numerous reviews have found that most clinical trials on the subject had methodological issues, making it difficult to draw reliable conclusions.

That perception, Nyirjesy said, is false. Stress, poorly controlled blood sugar, an imbalanced gut, and antibiotics can leave people susceptible to overgrowth. Break each stick into 2 or 3 pieces to make them the perfect “suppository” size. Thus, natural therapies may be helpful for these difficult problems. Soften the toenails: 1 Thus, tea tree oil may preferentially remove transient skin flora while preserving resident flora.

Ross says, thanks to its antifungal properties.

Proposed Natural Treatments

There are rare exceptions, and these few should be taken orally only under the supervision of a practitioner experienced in their use. To avoid this, make sure the bottle of essential oil includes the botanical name, and purchase it from a reliable source. An example of a safe and effective recipe is covered in the tea tree oil and coconut oil recipe section. Can these treatments make yeast infections worse? To help you make educated decisions, and to better understand controversial or confusing supplements, our medical experts have digested the science into these three easy-to-follow ratings. However, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before starting treatment at home.

Repeat for 7 days. 2020 Sep;69(3): FID and Q-Mass 910 (electron ionization 70 eV electron energy, transfer line 220°C). Use only as a last resort. Deadly yeast infection, this means that these drugs do not work on C. And might there be a cheaper option out there, one that maybe already lives in the kitchen cabinet and offers immediate relief? So I gathered my coconut oil and essential oils together, and immediately got to work making up some natural oil suppositories.

May J, Chan CH, King A, et al. Two distinct data systems were connected to the GC-FID or GC-MS: Efficacy of melaleuca oral solution for the treatment of fluconazole refractory oral candidiasis in AIDS patients.

  • The main concern would be that if you put anything in your vagina, there's a chance you'll get irritation and burning from whatever you put in there.
  • Using tea tree oil for yeast infection may offer many benefits but can also cause unpleasant side effects when used incorrectly.
  • Dietary supplement makers are not required by the U.
  • Probiotics contain healthy bacteria, which might help keep yeast levels in balance.
  • But if you have recurring yeast infections, talk to your doctor about other safe ways to try to treat a yeast infection or perhaps prevent reoccurrence.
  • J Indian Soc Periodontol.
  • Candida albicans lives on the skin, the mucosal lining of the mouth, digestive tract, urinary track and genitals.

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Kang HY, Na SS and Kim YK. An overgrowth of candida weakens the intestinal wall and allows the fungus to enter into the blood stream. In these studies, using tea tree oil for toenail fungus improved the appearance of nail along with other toenail fungus symptoms (source). There may be some concern that Lactobacillus may cause problems in these individuals. BMC Dermatol 2020;10: Put a tampon in it, put a penis in it, put clean fingers and sex toys in it, put condoms and non-oil-based lubes in it, but please stop putting the following items in it, no matter how fiery your yeast infection. However,are extremely common and often easily treatable.

The idea is that adding vinegar to your bath can reduce the vaginal pH, making yeast less likely to grow. Garlic is an herb and has been used to prevent or treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. In the lab it looks as though it has antifungal activity.

  • Make sure to either wear no underwear or loose, cotton panties so that your precious parts can breathe and heal.
  • It is advised to always dilute the oil to minimize skin irritation and other side effects.
  • There is some information that there's a compound in garlic, called allicin, that is considered fungicidal.

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Avoid wearing nylon or synthetic fiber underwear, and avoid pantyhose, which do not allow the body to breathe. DON’T put yogurt anywhere but your mouth. Overview A vaginal yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis) is caused by an overgrowth of a fungus that naturally lives in your vagina, called Candida albicans. Make sure you’re always using a clean, sharp razor and take extra care to not nick yourself. This has shown to help many to relieve these discomforts. Dipping and jetting with tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil formulations control lice (Bovicola ovis) on sheep. Candida & yeast infections, it might also help to avoid:. Using tea tree oil topically is considered safe when it is properly diluted.

(001% Tween-80 for terpinen-4-ol), at 1, 24 and 48 hr after intravaginal C. He or she will be able to determine whether it is yeast at all, and then prescribe the most effective medication. The final concentration of the antifungal agents ranged from 0. How to cope with a yeast infection, they may also give you a prescription you can use whenever the symptoms return, or suggest trying a longer course of treatment lasting up to six months. Nearly 87 percent reported an improvement in their symptoms.

Cox SD, Mann CM, Markham JL, et al. Cranberries are one of the most common (and most effective) home remedies for yeast infections. Probiotic-rich foods include the following: When using tea tree oil for fungal infection or other external issues, special consideration needs to be given to the concentration of the tea tree oil. Yeast infection is a fungal infection and mostly occurs in the genital area.

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One small study published in the Global Journal of Health Science found that women who inserted a mixture of yogurt and honey into their vaginas when they had a yeast infection had some positive results. You have to be proactive, though, and pop a peeled clove in there as soon as something seems to be off (a tickle, slight itch) in order for it to work most effectively. Use the remainder on your fingers to spread the mixture over the labia. At four weeks, of 12 evaluable patients, two were cured, six improved, four had no response, and one was worse. The oven temperature programme was 60°C for 4 min, then 2°C/min until 180°C was reached, then increased 3°C/min until 250°C. A study out of Poland discovered that both tea tree and thyme oils have the uncanny ability to change the morphology and metabolism of yeast enzymes, suggesting that these essential oils can significantly impact Candida albicans pathogenicity and that candida cannot become resistant to these oils. Vitamin C (also called ascorbic acid) has antimicrobial components, so some women add it to their diet to treat Candida overgrowths. Clinical treatment of ocular demodecosis by lid scrub with tea tree oil.

Researchers agree that more work needs to be done on living subjects before this treatment is widely recommended. Tea tree oil - an alternative topical decolonisation agent for adult inpatients with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - a pilot study. The vaginal environment is acidic with a normal pH of 3. Ensure that the liquid is lukewarm to prevent burning and lay down in the bathtub, insert the douche bulb gently into the vagina, and let the fluid gently bathe the vaginal walls.

Antifungal activity of the essential oil of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil) against pathogenic fungi in vitro. But there’s debate over whether it’ll help cure yeast infections outside of a lab setting. Itching is one of the most common initial signs of multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Okay, “saved my life” might be a bit of an overstatement. Symptoms can include an often foamy yellow-gray or green discharge, itching and burning, as well as painful urination. Just as you can eat your way to a healthier gut microbiome, your eating habits can also influence your vaginal microbiome. 5 × 103 cfu/mL (twice the final inoculum size); 50 μL was added to each well of the micro-dilution plate, followed by incubation for 48 hr at 35 C°.

Natural Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections

Am J Infect Control 1996;24: Create the diluted tea tree oil and coconut oil mix: But if it's a little bit off from 600 milligrams, probably not. Candida infection of the skin: medlineplus medical encyclopedia, when should I contact my healthcare provider? Candida parapsilosis ATCC 22020 and Candida krusei ATCC 6258 were also quality control (QC) isolates.